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Our 3 Main Quantity Surveying Services Body Corporate’s need

Body Corporate ServicesBody Corporates need their Building Costs to be accurate and your Building to be as Safe as possible.

Proactive Quantity Surveying has been providing 3 main services to Bodies Corporate for almost 20 Years. They are:

  • Sinking Fund Budgets
  • Replacement Cost Estimates
  • Safety Reports

Sinking Fund Budgets

Quantity Surveyors are recognised Industry wide, as the most appropriate Professionals to do Sinking Fund Budget, because we have the training and expertise to properly calculate Building Costs. If you need to get a Sinking Fund Budget done, Proactive Quantity Surveying are the right people to do it for you!

Replacement Cost Estimates

When you need someone to calculate how much to insure your Buildings for, make sure that you use someone who is qualified to do them. Don’t use people who just give you the cheapest price to do your Replacement Cost Estimate. It’s not worth the risk.

Or, if you need to reconcile an Insurance Claim to make sure that you are recovering your full entitled Replacement Costs of repairs from your Insurer, we can help you with it.

Safety Reports

It’s better for you to be Safe than Sorry. By having us inspect the common areas of your Properties, they proactively reduce the chance of Incidents occurring. It’s a small price to pay now, rather than a potentially expensive price to pay later. Proactive Quantity Surveying Safety Reports will assist you in identifying areas of potential risk in your Bodies Corporate.

PQS want to work with you, to get the right information, in the right formats, to clearly identify what needs to be done for your Body Corporate Members.

When it comes to Buildings and Cost, Experience Counts!

We guarantee our work and want you to have the confidence and security of knowing that your Body Corporate is being assessed and costed both efficiently and professionally.

Proactive Quantity Surveying …
Assessing and Costing your Building Assets … Better

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