Quantity Surveying Solutions

PQS has been providing Quantity Surveying Solutions for almost 25 Years

Quantity Surveying SolutionsYOU are the reason why Proactive Quantity Surveying exists

Maybe you’re one of our established Clients, or maybe you’re thinking of using Proactive Quantity Surveying for the first time. When you need Quantity Surveying Services, contact us first.

Whether you are an individual Body Corporate, or a Body Corporate Manager, we can provide you with quality Sinking Fund Budgets, Replacement Cost Estimates and Safety Reports.

If you are a Building Industry Professional such as an Architect, Project Manager, Builder or a Developer, we have Services that will be valuable to you at all Stages … Before, During and After Construction.

Proactive Quantity Surveying, we specialise in tailor-made Building Condition Assessments that are vital for successful Facility Management and Asset Management.

Our Clients also include Accountants, Bankers, Legal Professionals and Property Consultants, to whom we provide a wide range of Building Cost Services such as Cost Estimates, Drawdown Certifications, Professional Opinions and Pre-purchase Cost Reports.

A large majority of our Clients come from Government Bodies such as Local Authorities, where we have provided Building Cost Estimating, Project Management and a variety of other Project specific Quantity Surveying expertise.

We guarantee our work and want you to have the confidence and security of knowing that your projects are being done efficiently and professionally.

If you need Quantity Surveying Services, we are the right people to do it for you!

At Proactive Quantity Surveying, we exist to …

Assess and Cost your Building Assets better.

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