Welcome to Proactive Quantity Surveying (PQS)

As the name suggests, a large proportion of the Quantity Surveying Services that we are able to provide you with, involves being “Proactive”!

Getting in early so that we can potentially reduce the costs you may have later, by taking action now.

It’s important to try and identify Building problems before they become major ones and that’s why we do Building Condition Assessments, Technical Due Diligence Reports and Sinking Fund Budgets.

These assessments and reports can let you know ahead of time, what the items and issues are with your Building, so that you know, what you will need to consider spending your money on.

However, we don’t just identify the problems, we outline possible solutions put together Scopes of Work and also estimate the cost to fix it.

That’s why we do Building Replacement Cost Estimates for Insurance Purposes … Because they help you to have the right amount of insurance in place, should you ever need to make a claim. That’s what we’re about … Being Proactive.

Of course, setting a Building Budget and monitoring it through-out the course of your Building Project, is one of the most proactive and beneficial things that you can do to ensure a successful Building Project. We can help you with that too!

Proactive Quantity Surveying …
Assessing and Costing your Building Assets … Better

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